A structural board that is just as versatile as you.
If you can imagine it you can make it

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Take matters into your own hands:
Panel2 can easily be transported and mounted yourself

Product specifications


The best handcraft is homemade.
Because you yourself determine what you like!

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Rough diamond

A typical case of a rough diamond, the Panel2 board. Super strong and durable, yet surprisingly easy to process. And very handy because of its user friendly size. Ideal to quickly cover larger surfaces, for instance a new roof, floor base or wall cladding.


Product specifications

Work safe,
live healthy

Panel2-boards are safe to use. Panel2 is produced without the addition of formaldehyde.

Easy to transport
and mount yourself

Don't feel like developing a hernia lifting clumsy and heavy boards? With a surface of exactly 1 square meter, Panel2 is the user friendly alternative. Thanks to the handy size you can easily carry and assemble the boards yourself. So it’s ideal for the DIY enthusiast or independent professional. The boards are also equipped with tongue and groove on all four sides for easy placement and high strength.


Panel2 uses wood strands instead of sawn planks. The wood fibres are therefore used far more efficiently. This also comes from young trees, obviously from responsibly managed forests and with  FSC® certification. The young planting keeps the forests alive and absorbs extra CO2.

The OSB-board that allows you to get through a single door

Several layers of glued wood strands make Panel2-boards super strong and durable, with no weak spots and knots. Panel2 therefore has a more constant strength and rigidity than plywood. Yet Panel2-boards has a very low weight (11 kg) and a handy size of 59 by 170 centimetres. Panel2 can also be used without any problems in damp areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

The more challenging the job, the better the Panel2 performs

With Panel2 the mounting of a solid and flat surface is a breeze. But in the hands of a creative handyman, Panel2 can take on pretty much any shape. A table, cabinet wall or bathroom furniture? Finish your Panel2 design with paint or varnish. Panel2 will give you the freedom to create what you want.

What can you use Panel2 for?

Panel2 structural boards are strong, resistant to higher humidity and due to their easy-to-use format easy to transport and process. No wonder you encounter them in the most diverse applications.

Wall cladding

With Panel2 the mounting of a solid and smooth surface is a breeze. Big enough to quickly cover large surfaces, and at the same time, convenient to carry and process.

Flat roofs

Panel2 is suitable as a base for high-quality roof sealing systems such as bitumen.

Roof overhang/awnings

Panel2 can also be used in damp areas or outdoors. As long as there is no risk of direct wetting.

Pitched roofs

The ideal surface for roof constructions. With tongue and groove on four sides, Panel2 boards are easy to assemble.

Inner floors

Its large load-bearing capacity and uniform surface makes Panel2 a solid basis to be covered with carpeting, vinyl, parquet or laminate.

Attic floors

Thanks to the handy size you can easily carry the boards yourself. Under your arm, problem-free through stairwells, corridors and doors.


Maintain a healthy living climate. Panel2 is produced without the addition of formaldehyde.


Maintain a healthy living climate. Panel2 is produced without the addition of formaldehyde.

Timber frame construction

You can build on Panel2. Without weaknesses and knots and with a greater constant strength and rigidity than plywood.

Creative handymen come up with more and more new and unexpected uses for Panel2. Look here for inspiring examples.

Isn't this a pretty picture?

Panel2 is a real lightweight powerhouse. The boards have a large bearing capacity and a uniform surface, without knots or weak spots. At the same time they are easy to handle and process. What can you do with it? That just depends on your own creativity. You after all decide for yourself what you like?

Panel2 is challenging you!

Exceed yourself and win back the purchase price

Building a bookcase, a kitchen or a new attic room? With Panel2, the only limitation is the borders of your own creativity. And now you also stand a chance to win back the purchase price of your Panel2-board material (up to a maximum of € 250). Have fun and send us a picture of your project. Each month we select two winners from the entries.

Read the Competition rules

Frequently asked questions

Take one or more pictures of your project and send it to Norbord (see address below). Also add a copyright disclaimer for the use of the photos. Send a copy of the original purchase receipt too. Also state where your creation is located, and list your contact details: name, address, and telephone number. And above all, do not forget your bank account number! If you win, Norbord Genk will refund the amount to you.
What if your project emerges to be the winner? Then Norbord will deposit the amount on the purchase invoice (excluding VAT) of the Panel2-boards that you have used for the project back on your bank account (minimum € 50,- up to a maximum of € 250,-).

The maximum purchase amount that you can recover, is € 250,-.

Every participant may only participate once.

Norbord chooses two winners from the entries submitted over the past month, every month. Then you will be informed if you won the prize as soon as possible.

We want to inspire other do-it-yourselvers to surpass themselves with the photos of submitted projects. The photos and details of your project can therefore be listed on the Panel2 Website, Norbord Facebook page and Pinterest page and/or other means of communication for Norbord.

The purchase invoice of your Panel2 board material may not be older than six months.

The competition runs until 31/03/2016.


Make sure the Panel2-boards are positioned dry and level. Storage for longer periods of time? Cover the boards with a tarpaulin and ensure adequate ventilation. Thus you prevent condensation moisture from getting into the boards. Leave the boards at least 48 hours before processing in the area where you will be using them.

Maximum load-bearing

Allowed distributed load
PANEL2® 18 mm
Number of beams Beam distance e (mm) Fv (kN/m²)
4 567 4,25
5 425 8,00

  • Deflection at characteristic load, taking into account creep deformation (distortion factor kdef = 2.25) ≤ 1/200e.
  • Initial deflection at variable medium long-term load bearing period ≤ 1/300th (medium long-term = 1 week to 6 months).
  • Deflection under quasi permanent load bearing ≤ 1/200e.

Values calculated according to Euro code 5.

  • Use moisture-resistant foil if there is a risk of rising damp (for example if you use Panel2 as a floor base on the ground floor).
  • Apply PVAC-adhesive (white wood glue) to the tongue and groove and connect the boards with a tapping block and hammer.
  • Saw the tongue away along the walls.
  • Leave an expansion joint along the walls free of at least 10 mm (or 2 mm per meter of boarding for areas wider than 5 metres).
  • Are you attaching the boards on beams? Leave the short board edge resting on a supporting joist.
  • Attach the boards with (preferably galvanized or stainless steel) nails or screws (minimum 8 mm from the board edge.
  • Keep a distance between screws/nails of 150 mm on the board edges and 300 mm on the intermediate beams.